Editor’s Notes

Deadlines for Announcements. Our Business Manager asked me to give a gentle reminder that the deadlines for announcements are the 1st and the 15th of the month. By those dates all announcements must be in his hands (and please do not send them to the Editor) if they are to be placed in the following issue of our magazine. And while I am making reminders, may I remind my fellow staff members that vacation is over, and that all copies must be in my hands on the 1st and the 15th of each month, one month before publication? Your cooperation will help me to meet my deadlines!

Be Sure To Read the highly encouraging report on the Seminary Building Fund Drive which appears in this issue. We all—Seminary professors, students, Theological School Committee, and Church—may be greatly encouraged by this report. Forward in faith!

RFPA Annual Meeting. Elsewhere in this issue our annual meeting is announced. A special plea is going out to our younger men to attend and to join. I take this opportunity to urge that ALL our men join hands in this work. Our RFPA and Standard Bearer not only have a great and large work to do; but also, especially of late, the responses to our literature have been increasing and are encouraging—perhaps,exciting is the word. The RFPA needs and invites your active support!