Elsewhere in this issue you will find an ad listing various Seminary publications. We have included it in this issue with a view to the fact that the society season will soon be upon us in our churches. And we believe that among our Seminary publications there are several which may be useful to our people in their studies in Men’s Society, Ladies’ Society, or Mr. & Mrs. Society. Yes, and in Young People’s Society, too! Meanwhile do not forget various helpful RFPA publications.

Speaking of Seminary, our school will open, D.V., on Wednesday, September 3, at 9:00 A.M. Our Grand Rapids people are cordially invited to the Convocation Program which will be announced in the area churches. Prof. Decker is scheduled to speak this year. We are happy and thankful to announce that we will have several new students this year, both in our seminary and pre-seminary departments. Among them is Mr. Lau Chin Kwee, who has just arrived in the States from Singapore. There will be more about the Seminary in a forthcoming special issue of theStandard Bearer. Please remember the school in your prayers as we begin this new term.

One more Seminary item. (You can tell I have the start of school on the brain!) Prof. Hanko informed me the other day that contributions for our Library will be most welcome! The fund is a bit depleted at the moment. Help keep our Library growing!