Gremlins! There must have been a bad gremlin in the office of our typesetting service when Volume 52 began. I carefully reminded our printer that this was “Volume LII, Number 1.” But you will notice—if you have not noticed already—that our page numbers are in the 500s! That’s where that gremlin did his work: our printer failed to begin the new volume at page 1. To prevent utter confusion in the annual Index and in the bound volumes we simply decided to continue throughout this volume with consecutive numbering. Next year—hopefully—we’ll begin at page 1.

Regrets. We failed to make special mention a month ago of the Special Report by Pastor E. C. Case concerning the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of America. We thanked him privately, and we now do so publicly. We value our contacts with a few brethren of the PCA, and we hope they will continue to keep in touch with us and to keep us informed.

Surplus Copy. Due to the fact that we had some surplus copy and some articles which required prompt placement, some of the regular departments are omitted from this issue.

Books for Gifts. If you are thinking about worthwhile Christmas gifts, think about our RFPA books. By this time there is a considerable variety. And they are all good! Write our Business Manager.