Editor’s Notes

Urgent Request. For the benefit of a correspondent, I am in need of a copy ,of the Dutch brochure written by Rev. Herman Hoeksema, Dat Gods Goedheid Particulier Is. If you are willing to part with a copy, please send it to me or to our Business Manager. You will find the addresses in the masthead.

Publication News. Our Business Manager has informed me that enclosed with this issue will be a handy order envelope for copies of our 50th Anniversary volume, God’s Covenant Faithfulness (due from the press any day now) or Peaceable Fruit, our most recent RFPA book. Get your orders in!

Note for Associate Editors. Prof. H. Hanko has graciously consented to take charge of the Standard Bearer for the issues of July 1 and August 1, during my extended absence. If you are on the schedule for contributions for either of these issues, please send your copy to him: 4665 Ju-Le-On Dr., S.W., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504.

Consistory Clerks and Pulpit Committees. Pulpit supply from the seminary for the months of June, July, and August will be scheduled by Prof. H. Hanko. Requests which I have already received for those months are being referred to Prof. Hanko; and please address any additional requests to him. In due time you will receive notice of supply from him. I suggest that you contact Prof. Hanko early; it looks as though there might be a shortage in the offing.