Report from Singapore. Elsewhere in this issue you will find the first report to our readers from our missionary in Singapore, Rev. Arie den Hartog, and his wife. In a note to me Rev. den Hartog worried that his article was too long, and he invited me to edit it. However, the report is so interesting and packed with information that I left it unedited. How about flooding the den Hartogs with mail from all our churches? Let’s make an agreement, though, that they may answer by means of periodic reports in the Standard Bearer. I’m sure they are far too busy to answer many letters individually. You can get an aerogram from the post office for 22¢, and write a good-sized letter which will reach them promptly. 

Here is the address: 

Rev. & Mrs. A. den Hartog 

32D Block C 

Pacific Mansion 

River Valley Close 

Singapore 0923

Publications News. We have several items in this department to report. 

1)A new RFPA Catalogue came from the press last week, and is now available from our Business Office. 

2) A new supply of Reformed Dogmatics is now available, and a new supply of Behold, He Cometh!should soon be available. Both are now priced at $12.95. 

3) With the help of several generous gifts and some increased sales, our treasury is now in a position to proceed with our next projects. So it’s full speed ahead on our next two books, The Voice Of Our Fathers and Hyper-Calvinism And The Call Of The Gospel. Both are scheduled for fall publication. 

4) With the price of books going up, it will pay you to join the RFPA Book Club. Remember, if we get enough members, that discount will still jump from 10% to 20%! How about it?