Summer Pulpit Supply. Perhaps it seems early for this announcement; but I heard a robin this morning, which means that spring cannot be far off and that summer is soon to follow. Besides, remember that the early bird gets the worm! At any rate, Prof. Decker asked me to call the attention of consistories to the fact that pulpit supply requests for the summer will be handled on a “first come, first served” basis. Those desiring vacation supply from the seminary should contact Prof. R. Decker, 2230 Cranbrook, N.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505. Home phone: (616) 451-3303.

Question Box. To those who have written to Question Box—and some of you have every right to be impatient—I beg your indulgence. The press of my work has prevented me from answering you, and I do not like to give off-the-cuff answers. Soon I will have a week of spring vacation from school, and I hope at that time to answer some questions.

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. It seems necessary periodically to remind you of my policy concerning anonymous notes or letters. Before I read any communication, I always look for a signature. If the signature is missing, the communication goes forthwith into File 13, commonly known as the wastebasket. The principle? If it isn’t worth signing, it isn’t worth reading. Simple, eh?

Publications. I have been informed that before long there will be available a brand new catalogue of RFPA publications. Watch for it! By this time we have built up quite a library of Protestant Reformed literature. Do you take advantage of it? And there is more coming! Besides some new printings of books whose stock was low, there will soon be an RFPA reprint of The Five Points of Calvinism. Also in preparation is a Lenten Anthology which will contain all of the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s passion books, most of which have long been out of print and hard to get.