With this issue we present a new department editor, Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, who will be responsible forSigns of the Times for the next six issues. We welcome him to the ranks of our associate editors. Thanks, Rev. Flikkema, for your quota of six articles so faithfully submitted!

Our readers will have noticed that this year from time to time we have presented special issues of theStandard Beaver, devoted in their entirety to one subject. We have one more such special issue planned on the subject of Missions. It is planned for the month of March. We would appreciate hearing from our readers about this. Do you like the special issues? Would you rather not have them? Do you have suggestions for others? Drop your Editor a note.

The Editorial Department will be omitted in this issue, in order to make room for some long overdue book reviews. We must keep peace with the publishers, or they will stop sending us books for review.