Editor’s Notes

RFPA Book Club Progress. Our Business Manager informs me that as of Saturday, February 11, Book Club membership had reached a total of 93. That’s only a fair beginning. It’s a far cry from our goal of atleast 500! Come on! Get those membership cards in our RFPA box!

Questions About The Book Club. In personal contacts with some of our readers two questions have popped up in connection with Book Club membership. Perhaps the answers to these questions will encourage more responses. The first question asked me was: if I sign up as a Book Club member, how many books will I be committed to buy? The motivation of this question was a fear on the part of some that they will be over-extending themselves and be committed to buy more books than they can afford. My answer to this question, based on past experience and knowledge of the mechanics of publishing, is that you would be committed to buy, at the most, two or three books per year. For example, I wrote in the last issue that we have three new projects on the front burner at present. However, we would be doing very well indeed if we succeeded in getting all three projects completed this year. The second question was: does Book Club membership bind me to buy educational books, such as the new Bible manuals and workbooks? The answer is: No. We realize that these are not books forevery reader, but have a limited purpose. As a Book Club member you may buy these books at the club discount. We hope that many of you will buy them. But it is not required. And now get your membership cards mailed!

Australian Business Office. If you watch our masthead, you will have noticed that it no longer lists a separate business office for Australia. The Reformed Literature Centre, of Rockhampton, Queensland, informed us that they could no longer continue to handle this work for us, due especially to the fact that all their help is volunteer. Hence, all business correspondence for Australia should be sent directly to our home office. We thank the Reformed Literature Centre (connected with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Rockhampton) for their past help.

The Day of Shadows. These notes were almost ready for the printer when we received word from Rev. John Heys that he will undergo open heart surgery around the 22nd of February, according to present plans. This means that we will miss his department in theStandard Bearer for some time. Our prayer is that the Lord will sustain our brother in this experience, and, if it be His will, may this surgery be a means for Rev. Heys’s restoration to health and strength.