DID YOU receive a defective copy of the April 15 issue? We know that some copies were defective—some duplicate pages and some missing pages. We also know that some of these went to addresses in Iowa and in Michigan. But we do not know how many copies were defective and who received them. If you were a victim and, would like a good copy, please write to our Business Office.

IF YOU file your copies by issue-numbers, please take note that somewhere between instructions and mailing a mistake crept into the May 1 issue. It is Number 15, not Number 14.

STAFF MEMBERS, these notes are for you. In the near future you will receive notice from our secretary about a staff meeting in June, when Synod meets. If you cannot attend, please notify the secretary of any business items you may have. If you can attend, please plan to reserve some time during synod for this purpose; and also, please come equipped with good ideas for the new volume-year. And here is a special plea from your Editor. There is a tendency to become lax about meeting deadlines during the summer months when we publish only once per month. Please get your required articles in, and please get them in on time. This will make it easier for all concerned. Thank-you!