About Spurgeon. Some months ago we reviewed an abridged version of Spurgeon’s Treasury of David. At the time we made the erroneous statement that these volumes were, to our knowledge, not available in unabridged form. More than one person later wrote to me that this information is not correct, and that the unabridged Treasury of David is indeed available. All of which goes to show that my knowledge on this score was not complete; I’m still learning!

About Dividends and Titles. It isn’t really gremlins that cause our occasional bloopers, but carelessness at the typesetter’s shop. In the April 1 issue, Rev. Slopsema’s article was indeed a “dividend,” but the title was “A House Divided,” not, “A House Dividend,” as indicated in large letters on the front cover. Yes, and that book offer on page 311, said to expire on January 1, 1977, was not supposed to be printed. I dare say, though, that if you responded to the offer, our book department did not turn you down. And in the March 15 issue, I did have two editorials even though the second title did not appear in its proper place. In case you had trouble discerning, the second. editorial (“Reformed Thought On Baptism”) began on page 270, the second column, with the words “A very interesting . . .” My editorial assistant, Mr. Donald Doezema, and I did not find the mistake to be very interesting, however.

About Pulpit Supply. Requests for pulpit supply. from the seminary—and we are thinking especially about vacation supply during the summer months—should be sent to my address: 4975 Ivanrest Ave., S.W., Grandville, Michigan 49418. Phone (616) 534-7308. We would appreciate it greatly if you could get your summer requests in early (we already have one request!), so that we can set up a schedule for the whole summer period.