Editor’s Notes

Publication Delay. Earlier we announced that Rev. D. Engelsma’s book, Marriage: The Mystery of Christ and the Church was scheduled to appear in June. Sorry, but there has been unavoidable delay at the bindery. To those who have already ordered the book: don’t worry; our Business Manager has your orders and will fill them as soon as the book is available.

Anniversary Recordings. Elsewhere in this issue you will find an announcement concerning availability to tape recordings of all three programs celebrating our Fiftieth Anniversary. Beacon Lights, our young people’s magazine, plans to print the three addresses; and the Standard Bearer also plans to print these addresses—if possible, in the next issue.

Our Theological School will open its doors for the new term, D.V., on Wednesday, September 3, at 9:00 A.M. Convocation will be at 8:00 P.M. in our Southwest Protestant Reformed Church. The public is cordially invited. Prof. H. Hanko will deliver the convocation address. We expect an enrollment this fall of 15 pre-seminary and seminary students. We beg you to remember our seminary in prayer.

In this issue a large section is devoted to Question Box. We hope to get caught up in this department in the near future. We have a few more questions on hand; most of the current material in this department was prepared, however, before our Australasian tour.