As you can tell by the ‘retro’ cover of this issue, we are celebrating the Lord’s preservation of the Standard Bearer and the RFPA. With this issue we begin the 100th volume of the magazine! Beginning our celebration now already reminds me of what an old minister told me when asked how old he was. “I’m in my 80th year,” he said. Of course, he was 79 years old and had not yet reached his 80th birthday. But he was in his 80th year. Beginning with this issue the Standard Bearer lives in its 100th year. Next October 1 (2024), if the Lord tarries and permits, we will celebrate our 100th birthday.

From now till then we will be reflecting on the almost 100 years of publishing a written testimony to the Reformed and biblical faith as represented by the Protestant Reformed Churches in America. The magazine’s covers will reflect different eras of the SB. More importantly, we hope to reprint some old articles from the early years of our history and to reflect on the place of the magazine in the past. Editors will express our resolve for the future.


As usual, the new volume year brings changes in writers. As a missionary, Rev. D. Kleyn formerly wrote about missions; now he begins to help readers “Search the Scriptures.” Prof. D. Kuiper, who teaches Bible interpretation (called “Hermeneutics”) at the PRC seminary, will write about it in “Pillar and Ground of the Truth.” Happily, four new writers have been added to the staff. Mrs. Sarah Mowery (Loveland, CO, PRC) well-known and appreciated by those who have read her wonderful book reviews in Perspectives in Covenant Education magazine, will write for “When Thou Sittest in Thine House.” Mr. Tom Cammenga, member and former elder at Faith PRC (Jenison, MI), will write for the same rubric. Tom is a father and grandfather; he and his wife Cherie care for their special needs son, Travis. In “Church and State,” two attorneys will join Mr. Brian VanEngen. Welcome to Mr. Martin DeVries, Esq., (Randolph, WI, PRC) and Mr. Nathan Vis, Esq., (Cornerstone PRC, IN)!


In this issue, the undersigned will begin his last series of editorials. In June, I informed the SB staff that if they reappointed me as editor, I was willing to serve for one more year, after which another editor would need to be appointed. With this volume, I begin my 20th year as one of three editors. Recently, two younger men were appointed by the staff as co-editors to replace my colleagues with whom I labored since 2004. Some of those years were smooth, others very turbulent as we produced the magazine through the storm and then schism in the PRCA. By God’s grace we labored with one mind and purpose to maintain the witness. With thanks to God, the magazine survives into its 100th year. May the Lord provide faithful and capable editors and writers for many years to come.


The Reformed Free Publishing Association, publisher of the Standard Bearer, has informed us that an increase in subscription price is necessary:

In the past year the costs for printing the Standard Bearer have risen 30%. As a result…the [RFPA’s] Board decided to raise the rates for US subscriptions from $33/ year to $37/year and for international subscriptions from $46/year to $52/year. The e-subscription only will increase to $22/year. The Board realizes this is a large increase, but it only covers 1/2 of the actual increase in costs. These changes will be effective with the new volume year.

God has been good to us. May He use the Standard Bearer to be a blessing to you. Please tell others about it if you have profited from it. Perhaps give a gift subscription to a friend or acquaintance. Some families wonder what to do for Christmas giving when everyone has so much. Good books are a great idea. Why not a magazine subscription—to the SB!