We pray you are edified by the articles in this second special issue of the Standard Bearer, volume 97. The articles explain and apply the letters of Jesus Christ to the seven churches of Asia Minor, found in Revelation 2 and 3.

A hearty thanks to all of the writers—a different writer for each of the seven letters. Rev. Martyn McGeown, from Limerick, in the Republic of Ireland, writes the introductory article. He explains the grand vision of Jesus Christ that the apostle John saw as he was exiled on the Isle of Patmos. Rev. McGeown describes the elderly apostle John: “Banished to Patmos, he was alone, cut off from communal worship, his heart aching for the fellowship of the church.” One can hear an echo of the apostle’s sentiments in the heart of Rev. McGeown, as he himself awaits government approval to move to the U.S. to take up his charge in Providence PRC. It was one year ago today, as I write, that he accepted the call. We are thankful that the brother is able to serve the readers of the Standard Bearer from his ‘exile.’

The letters to the seven churches are appropriate for every age. But every age is different from the previous age. Thus, in addition to faithful exegesis, you will find current applications of these letters to the churches in every land today. Blessed reading.