The ‘editorial’ in this issue is not what had been planned. Unexpected circumstances sometimes require change of plans. A schism in the church is such a circumstance. In place of editorial is lament. We are familiar with the book of Lamentations. Many psalms are laments also. These expressions of grief are models for the people of God, proper expressions of sorrow in times of trouble.

Laments often follow a pattern. Study the Psalms of lament to see that pattern. Readers will also recognize the biblical and confessional language used to form this lament. The church has her vocabulary and expressions, formed largely by Scripture, her confessions, and her songbook. ‘Chapter and verse’ are sometimes given, but not in every instance so as not to distract from the prayer. Simple numbers designate songs from the Psalter.

Please pray the prayer and make the lament. Godly laments confess fault and plead mercy. We express the prayer that confessing faults, first to God, and then one to another—all in the name of Christ—God will bless with healing (James 5:16). The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Not all readers of the magazine are members of the PRCA. We ask you, who are our friends, to make this prayer with us, and for us.