As the front cover indicates, our annual Reformation issue is devoted to the Reformation in Zurich. The decision to highlight Zurich is based largely on the fact that this year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in this city located in the northeast side of Switzerland. In 1519, Ulrich Zwingli began preaching in the main church in Zurich. His preaching was astoundingly different from what the people had ever heard—he preached directly from the Bible. In this way God began the process of Reformation.

The Reformation in Zurich is largely overshadowed by two other major sixteenth-century reforms. On the one hand is the Reformation in Germany, marked by Martin

Luther’s posting of his Ninety-Five Theses on October 31, 1517. On the other hand, John Calvin and the Reformation in Geneva get most of the attention from Reformed church­es who trace their spiritual lineage back to Calvin. (Calvin came to Geneva the first time in 1536.) Sandwiched between those two mighty works of God is a third, namely, the Refor­mation in Zurich, where the two outstanding ministers were Ulrich Zwingli and his successor Heinrich Bullinger.

The goal of the issue is to enlighten as well as encourage Reformed believers as they learn of another aspect of God’s reforming of His church in the 1500s out of the darkness and apostasy of Rome.