In this issue is a “Contribution” submitted at the request of the editors, after the family who wrote it had corresponded with the editors about the role of elders in counseling especially difficult cases. The article is printed without the authors’ names, at their request. After reading the article, it will become plain why the authors’ names are withheld.

This issue also includes a letter from Rev. Nathan Langerak responding to Rev. Koole’s response to Rev. N. Langerak’s first letter back in the November 15, 2018 SB. The editors print the letter at the request of the RFPA Board. Rev. Koole indicates that his previous articles of response to other letters serve as his response to this letter. The readers may re-read them as they are found in the November 15, 2018; April 15, 2019 [?]; and May 15, 2019 issues. For a thorough, Reformed presentation on faith and works, readers are encouraged to read Rev. Martyn McGeown’s “Faith: A Bond, a Gift, and an Activity, but Not a Condition for Salvation” in the April 2019 PR Theological Journal, available at prcts.org/journal.

Finally, a word of explanation on the article by Rev. Griess. Rev. Griess wrote a series of articles on worship (November 15, 2012–July 2017). By mutual agreement, Rev. Griess took some time off from writing. At that time it was agreed to hold back this article because it was possible that Rev. Griess would pick up this rubric on worship. However, plans have changed, and Rev. Griess will be writing on a new topic in the next vol­ume year. To complete his writings on worship, we now print this last installment. Perhaps it will kindle a desire to go back and read the entire series.

—Prof. R. Dykstra