In this issue, we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the great Reformation begun in 1517. We acknowledge that we must not be guilty of garnishing the sepulchers of the prophets, while despising the Word of God that they brought. We must not arrogantly imagine that we are the only ones who rightly celebrate the Reformation. May God preserve us from both evils. Yet celebrate, we must! We commemorate God’s work of reformation. Five hundred years ago God delivered His beloved bride from chains of error, hierarchy, and false worship. He lifted her to new heights of understanding in His truth. We join with all churches who love the Reformation truths to praise God for this wonder.

Regular readers know that this is an annual celebration for the Standard Bearer. This year, we determined to focus on some of the main issues of the Reformation. However, the selection proved a very difficult task. We simply could not reduce the topics to but seven or eight. So, we decided to print two Reformation issues! The narrowing-down process was still painful, and in this issue the excerpt from Luther’s sermon serves the double function of a meditation and a statement on the Reformation principle of Scripture alone. But, the hard decisions were made, the articles assigned, and in your hands (or on your screen) is the first of two Reformation issues. May God bless this effort to highlight some aspects of His saving work, for the glory of His name and the edification of His church.