Editor’s Notes

In this issue we welcome back to our columns the Rev. B. Woudenberg. His department is a new one. In it he will reflect on some of the practical implications of the precious truth of God’s covenant of friendship with His people in Christ Jesus. Follow this department from the very beginning!

Two new publications will soon come from the presses. The paperback reprint of Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s Whosoever Will, originally published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, but long out of print, is scheduled to appear about April 1. It will sell for $1.95. This will be a limited printing; so make it a point to get, your copy promptly. Volume III of The Triple Knowledge, An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism has been promised by the end of April. This, like the other volumes, will sell for $8.95. The three-volume set will sell for $24.95. We are sorry for the unavoidable delay in publication, but happy that at long last this set will be complete.

Speaking of publication news, Mr. H. Vander Wal has consented to act as Sales Manager for our RFPA publications. Anyone who has had experience with Mr. Vander Wal in his other capacities, as, for example, Business Manager of the Standard Bearer, will know of his efficient, prompt, and cheerful service. You may, without doubt, expect the same kind of service from him when you purchase our books.

For those who can read Dutch and who are interested in reading about the situation in the Gereformeerde Kerken, we still have available a few copies of the two brochures by Dr. Ph. Huyse, Het Verwordingsproces in de Gereformeerde Kerken, I & II. You can obtain them for $1.00 each by writing to the business office.