Apology. Dykstra and Kuiper are both good Dutch names. In fact, my own middle name is the Anglicized form of Kuiper: Cooper. But one should not call a Kuiper Dykstra, nor should he call a Dykstra Kuiper. Yet the former is what I did in my article about Seminary Convocation (Oct. 15 issue). We have no pre-sem student by the name of Doug Dykstra; his name is Doug Kuiper. The explanation? Due to some inexplicable mental quirk I think of him as Doug Dykstra. Sorry, Doug!

Eleven Point. I hope our readers—especially those with older eyes—will enjoy this issue more than the three previous issues. We had switched to 10-point type when we changed the format of our magazine. However, apparently this made for more difficult reading for a good many of our readers. Beginning with this issue we have returned to 11-point type. Pleasant reading! We do like to keep our readers.