We have been planning a special issue on a Reformed Marriage for a long time now, and are very pleased to mail this issue to you this Spring. We think you will be edified by it.

You will notice immediately that most of the articles are co-authored, that is, written by husband and wife teams. It was evident to us that when it comes to marriages and weddings, the women often have a great deal to say, and rightly so. We take opportunity here to thank the women who participated, as well as the long-time elder and his wife for their contributions.

The articles range from pre-marriage preparation by parents to the question that should be answered by couples before marriage: what do they hope for with regard to having children?

May our covenant God bless our marriages to His glory, and preserve them for the sake also of the “godly seed.” We hope the marriage ceremonies and the celebrations that follow also bring Him due honor.

—BLG, Ed.