At the PR seminary this past June, as takes place every year, the Standard Bearer Staff (all the writers) met to plan the next volume year, which begins with this issue—October 1.

There are very few changes for the upcoming year. A few (younger) ministers have been asked to write guest articles. One writer, Rev. C. Griess, has asked for a year off. Otherwise, the writers and rubrics remain the same. Welcome back!

The SB staff approved two special issues. First, our annual Reformation issue, coming soon. This year, 2015, the writers will treat the history leading up to the Reformation, anticipating in two years to treat the great anniversary of God’s mighty acts in 1517. Second, our spring special issue will treat a Reformed wedding. We hope you enjoy reading—and the writers producing—these special issues.

We welcome letters. If you agree, and especially if you disagree with an article, the pages are open. Iron sharpens iron. The SB’s purpose is to speak truth and contest error. The readers have a place in both.

God be thanked for giving us the privilege to produce the magazine—for the 92nd year! May this gracious God of the covenant be pleased to allow the Staff and the RFPA to continue to cooperate with the common purpose: to produce a magazine faithful to its heritage and purpose, to God’s glory.

To all who read: May God use the magazine to edify you. This is why we write. If the SB has accomplished that purpose, even in a small way, please pass the word. May our witness of God’s truth and grace grow.