Editor’s Note

Often the editorial for the May 15 issue of the SB previews the agenda of the synod of the PRCA. This year, however, for the sake of continuity, we decided to print Prof. B.Gritters’ second editorial on the implications of Calvinism, in his series on “What It Means to Be Reformed.” Prof. Gritters will be laying down his pen for the summer in order to speak and preach for a month in Singapore, and we judge it best to include this editorial before the series is interrupted.

Accordingly, the annual preview of the agenda for the PRCA’s Synod (to begin on June 9 in Faith PRC, Jenison, MI) will be placed in the June 1 issue. We realize that some SB subscribers might like to see this preview earlier than the June issue normally appears. For their sake, we will post the “Preview of Synod” article online at the rfpa.org website and at prca.org no later than June 1.

One article in the present issue is a small preview of synod. The article submitted by the Committee for Contact with other Churches reports on one contact that the CC has been enjoying for some years—the Reformed Congregation in Giessen, Germany.

—The Editors