Welcome to volume 91 of the Standard Bearer!

The new volume year brings some significant changes to the magazine.

First, not so significant, there will be a small increase in our subscription price. The last increase was seven years ago, so we are not surprised or disappointed that this is necessary. We hope you agree that the magazine is worth the $2 increase to $23 per year. Thank you for your subscription and support of the Standard Bearer.

As reported last issue, Mr. Ben Wigger will no longer be our news editor. Again, and from all of us, Thank you Ben. Welcome to Mr. Perry VanEgdom, our new editor! Mr. VanEgdom’s presence is significant not only because we have a new editor after 28 years, but because in Perry the SB has its first news editor who does not hail from West Michigan. Mr. VanEgdom is long-time member of our Doon, Iowa congregation, lifelong member of the PRC, a father and grandfather, officebearer in the church, deeply involved in our foreign mission work—that is, a man whose life centers in the church and covenant community. The staff is convinced that we have asked the right man to report to you the significant news of the PRC. Welcome, brother VanEgdom!

Besides brother Wigger, two other writers will not be contributing this year. Mr. Calvin Kalsbeek and Rev. Nathan Langerak, thank you for your contributions to the magazine. And two new writers. We welcome back Rev. Mike DeVries who will contribute to the meditations. Rev. Daniel Holstege will begin writing in “All Around Us.”

What most readers will not notice, but is another significant change for our magazine, is that Mr. Charles Terpstra in this issue becomes the new managing editor in the place of Mr. Don Doezema. The SB’s managing editor is somewhat like the “Chief Operating Officer” in a business. And this paragraph, small or large, cannot do justice to the work this brother (with his wife, Judi) has done to produce the Standard Bearer. But let me try. For almost 40 years the brother has served as managing editor. (He was also business manager for a significant period of time, and news editor, but those are different stories). The first issue Mr. Doezema put together as managing editor was in 1975. He took up the work when Prof. H. C. Hoeksema was editor, worked through the 16-year editorship of Prof. D. J. Engelsma, and continued for the past 11 years through the (current) shared editorship. On my shelves, that makes up almost 5 linear feet of SB issues. Twenty-one issues per year; twenty-four pages of print (no white space!), and about nine articles per issue, as well as news. Mr. Doezema read every word; and not once or twice, but often more, just to make sure it was right. No one but the brother himself (and his wife) can grasp the magnitude of the work he did for our magazine. Of course, with the gracious personality God gave him, Mr. Doezema will demur and give credit to the writers…to whom credit is due. But Mr. Doezema made the magazine better by his editing. He helped plenty of writers im prove their articles. In a kind and modest way he made suggestions that writers were very thankful to hear. The writers will miss the brother’s help. In addition, the daunting responsibility of seeing to it that the magazine was produced, week after week, month after month, and year after year, fell to him. Little wonder it was hard to convince the brother to take a vacation: we did not offer to do his work of producing the SB. Don always notified us of our writing responsibilities, patiently waited for articles, and managed not only to get the magazine printed but also to have it mailed on time. And all without a wage. Why? Because of his love for the cause of God and His truth. By his own admission, Don will miss this work. The magazine is being put together this week. Don is only watching. After forty years! Brother Doezema, we will miss you. We cannot thank you enough. But be assured that God is not unrighteous to forget what you have done for His cause in these printed pages.

Welcome to the position, brother Terpstra!