Welcome to our celebration of the Heidelberg Catechism!

The annual Reformation Day issue is devoted to the Reformed confession published 450 years ago in Heidel­berg, Germany. This special issue is linked to a confer­ence on the Catechism sponsored by the Protestant Reformed Seminary October 17-19. Six speeches were given at the conference, and all the speakers graciously agreed to condense their speeches for the Standard Bearer. One speech/article will wait until the next issue, namely, the Heidelberg Catechism’s View of the Chris­tian Life as Gratitude.

To round out the special issue, we selected a sermon on Lord’s Day 1 by Rev. Herman Hoeksema for the meditation. The reader should be aware that this is a sermon carefully taken down and written out by Mr. Martin Swart and filed away with hundreds of other sermons preached in First Protestant Reformed Church. Thus the style is that of a preached sermon, and not one that Rev. Hoeksema edited for publication. Nonetheless, it was capably prepared for publication by Mr. Doezema, who sat under Rev. Hoeksema’s preaching for many years.

It certainly is appropriate that a Heidelberg Catechism sermon be included in this special issue. The power of the Catechism is exactly in its being regularly preached in Reformed churches. The Protestant Reformed Churches love the preaching of the Heidelberg Catechism, and owe a huge debt to this unique confession.

One final note—all six conference speeches/articles will be printed in a more complete form in the fall issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal. Eventu­ally that will be available on line at prca.org.