A special issue on adoption!

We are excited for you to receive the Standard Bearer’s special spring issue on adoption—both human adoption of children and God’s adoption of us, His children, and their relationship. The meditation is from Herman Hoeksema on Romans 8, written in 1944. The editorial gives some history of the practice of human adoption in Dutch Reformed churches: a debate whether adopted children may be baptized before they make confession of faith, whether adoption itself is permissible, and what is the covenant theology behind the debate. Prof. R. Cammenga and Rev. S. Key tackle the beautiful doctrine of God’s adoption of His children. Rev. J. Holstege treats adoption on the human level. Derek and Megan VanOverloop—adoptive parents—spell out carefully their perspective on the parallels between God’s adoption of us and our adoption of children. Prof. B. Huizinga accepted the assignment to interview various families regarding their experience either as adoptive parents or adopted children. How thankful we may be for their perspectives, both realistic and at the same time very positive.

A few of the writers have personal experience with human adoption and their writing will make that clear. We trust all the writers have written with the experience of God’s adoption of them, marvelous and eternal reality.

God bless your reading.