Below you will find some unusual items related to God’s ‘frowning providence’ of sending the coronavirus worldwide. In order to fit these special items, we delay printing of other articles that were planned for this issue. We trust the reader understands the appropriateness of addressing the current issues in the church and world.

We did not ask anyone to produce special articles. Rather, we noticed what pastors and consistories were doing to care for their flocks in these unusual times, and then asked for permission to print what they had produced: A special sermon, “Coronavirus and the King,” edited for publication; two letters that pastors wrote to their congregations—one in the Philippines and the other in the U.S.; and a pastoral letter from an elder. This latter indicates that our elders do not simply assume this is the work of the pastors; they themselves are faithful in their calling to watch over the flock.

We are thankful for the willingness of these brothers that we print their words. And we trust that they— along with all the other articles in this issue—will be edifying to you who read.

“The blessing of the Lord be upon you: we bless you in the name of the Lord.”

The editors