This issue of the Standard Bearer is our special concentration on missions. Keeping with our commitment to have Scripture exposition at the beginning, we start with a moving meditation on “Jesus’ Great Commission” by Missionary-Pastor Daniel Holstege, who recently took up labors as the PRC’s second missionary in the Philippines. Please read the meditation with that in mind. We include news from our denominational Domestic Mission Committees; from the Reformed Witness Hour Committee about radio broadcasting; from evangelism committees of eleven different congregations; from Hope PRC in Grand Rapids, MI, about their growing works in Myanmar; from our sister, the CERC in Singapore, about her work in Kolkata (Calcutta) in North India; and from Covenant PRC’s work in Limerick, Ireland. Some of the reports we cannot fit in an issue of 24 pages.

Reading all this will make plain to you that the Lord has opened many doors for the PRCA to do missions. It will show that many local congregations are taking initiative in missions that, in the past, belonged almost exclusively to the denominational committees. The fields are (still!) ripe for harvest.

What does not come out in these reports, however, but ought to stand out in our minds, is the urgent need in the PRCA for missionaries. Positions for missionaries stand vacant. There is promise of more positions to be created. But so few missionaries! Let us raise fervent prayers from pulpits, from catechism rooms, and from family altars in every home:

Lord, send us men—young or older—who are moved by a sense of Thine own call to prepare themselves for, or accept a post to be Missionary-Ambassador of Jesus Christ. Move them irresistibly, O God; then make them willing in the day of Thy power. Rise up, Lord, how long? Call sons of our own family, our own congregation. Then create in them the necessary gifts, so that the ‘willing’ are also able and faithful men of God. Bless our homes so that young men mature in godliness, are trained up in the willingness to endure hardships as good soldiers. Prepare godly young women also, fit to accompany them to lands unknown.

Gracious God, also grant us as churches a spiritual fitness to send men forth. And by these labors, sweetly draw men and women to Jesus Christ; add many more to the already great throng of redeemed worshipers.

Father, we are undeserving to be involved in this high privilege. Accept our humble thanks, Lord, for allowing us even this small part in the great endeavor of gathering the church of Jesus Christ. In His name, Amen.