After Darkness, Light

Last year’s special issue of the Standard Bearer treated a number of key figures and movements that the Lord used to preserve His church and truth in the darkness of the Middle Ages. This year, our special Reformation issue treats Martin Luther and the Reformation God began through him. The light of biblical truth began to shine again through the writings and preaching of God’s servants such as Luther because Luther was “convicted by Scripture.”

“After darkness, light” is the translation of the Latin phrase, Post tenebras lux. It comes from the old Latin translation of Job 17:12 and became one of the mottos of the Reformation. Calvin’s Geneva used it on their coins and the motto is engraved on the Reformation wall in Geneva. Indeed, the light of the true gospel shone so brightly that it beamed, and still shines, world-wide. But not so brightly anymore. The conviction about Scripture wanes.

In 2016, we also pray that light may come after the darkness of our day. May the Lord use these special Reformation issues to teach us to look back at God’s great works in history and learn from them—and be bold to write, preach, and witness to the truth of Scripture; but also to look forward in hope—to God’s greatest work, yet to come—the appearing of the Lord Jesus to bring an end to this present darkness and bring the light of the eternal day. Then we will see the Eternal Word and the light of His face.