With this issue, by the grace of God, the Standard Bearer begins a new volume, eighty-eight years after it was launched. As they do every summer, the SB writers set the course for the new year by adopting a schedule of writers and rubrics. It is my privilege to pull out the telescope and give you a peek at the course they have determined to follow, D.V.

I can tell you immediately, that the direction and goals of the SB are the same as they have been for its entire existence. The flag of the ship flies on the front page of every issue—A Reformed Magazine. The staff is unswerving in its determination to explore (expound) and defend the heritage that God has given. This is why each of the writers choose to be aboard, that is, writing for the SB.

Yet, in a progressive enterprise, changes will, of necessity, be made either in the personnel or in some of the writing. The good news is that we are leaving none of the writers behind, but are adding quality writers. More good news — three significant rubrics are planned for the new volume.

First of all, a shift in duties is planned for Rev. Andy Lanning—from In His Fear to a new area—News From the Contact Committee. The “Contact Committee” is officially the synodically appointed “Committee for Contact with Other Churches.” This new rubric matches well Rev. Lanning’s duties as corresponding secretary for the CC. From this vantage point, he will be well stationed to provide news and information about the churches with whom the Protestant Reformed Churches have contact.

We note too that Rev. Daniel Kleyn transfers from In His Fear to more writing in Go Ye Into All the World, for which he is well qualified as one of the PRC missionaries in the Philippines. However, that means the end, at least for now, of the rubric In His Fear. We gratefully report that Rev. Steven Key rejoins the staff after a time off to settle in to the life and work of a new congregation (Loveland PRC). He comes with the desire to write in a new area, namely, Reformed Worldview. The staff wholeheartedly agreed with his assessment that development in this area would serve the readers well.

The staff also welcomes a new writer to the ranks, Rev. Cory Griess. Rev. Griess preached a series of sermons in his congregation (Calvary PRC, Hull, IA) on worship and determined to rewrite them for the benefit of the SB readers. We are delighted that he did and welcome him aboard.

So, welcome, new writers and all the current ones. We pray God’s richest blessing on all the men who spend themselves to write for the SB. We thank God for each and every one. May God give us the wisdom, the boldness, and the perseverance to be faithful laborers with a ready pen.

We are grateful too for others, without whose labors, the SB would not go out month after month. The Reformed Free Publishing Association, formed at the beginning to give Revs. Hoeksema, Danhof, and Ophoff the opportunity to write, continues in the sons and grandsons to raise good and solid support for the SB, as is evidenced by the continued low subscription rate. And Don and Judi Doezema—making the SB so much better than it would ever be if it depended on the editors and writers—their work is invaluable.

And to the readers, we wish you God’s blessing in the reading of the SB for another year. We hope you catch every issue, including the upcoming Reformation issue on the Belgic Confession and another special issue yet to be announced. We covet your payers that the SB will stay the course, and be an instrument to set forth and defend God’s truth for the good of His church and the glory of His name. —RJD