With this special issue, the Standard Bearer celebrates both the 75th anniversary of the Protestant Reformed Churches (PRC) and the earlier 75th anniversary of the SB (October 1999).

We include appropriate articles, or excerpts of articles, by some who have gone before in the history of the churches and on the pages of this magazine. We regret that many others could not be recognized. Rev. C. Hanko, whose ministry dates back to 1929, provides his reminiscences. A daughter of Herman Hoeksema, Lois Kregel, gives a glimpse into the parsonage at 1139 Franklin St. in Grand Rapids. One of the two anniversary books is reviewed. As for the editorials, one informs our readers of some of the main matters that must be treated by the synod of the PRC. Synod convenes on June 13. The work of the denomination goes on regardless of celebrations. The other editorial reflects on a remarkable testimony to the origin and doctrine of the PRC in the recent (April 2000) issue of the Calvin Theological Journal, the journal of the Christian Reformed Theological Seminary.

The design for the special issue is the work of Mr. Jeff Steenholdt.

Thanks from the heart to the triune, covenant God for 75 years of the PRC and of the SB as bold, faithful witnesses to His sovereign grace by Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.