At their annual meeting in June of this year, the staff of the Standard Bearer (consisting of the writers and the managing editor) reappointed the editor, managing editor, secretary, general adjunct, and special issues committee. They are Prof. David Engelsma, editor; Prof. Robert Decker, secretary; Mr. Don Doezema, managing editor; Prof. Herman Hanko, general adjunct; and Prof. Engelsma, Prof. Decker, and Mr. Doezema special issues committee.

The staff also made decisions for the content of the magazine in the coming volume-year. The rubrics and writers will be much the same as the past year. There will be a few changes. Rev. Douglas Kuiper will write the rubric, “Ministering to the Saints,” with Prof. Decker. This rubric explores Reformed pastoral labor. Rev. Daniel Kleyn will cooperate with Rev. Arie den Hartog in “In His Fear.” This column is devoted to the Reformed, Christian life. Miss Agatha Lubbers will collaborate with Prof. Russell Dykstra in writing on Christian education (“That They may Teach Their Children”).

Welcome, to the new writers. Thanks, to those who are willing to continue writing for the SB.

Readers will have noticed that, having completed his popular series on outstanding figures in church history, Prof. Herman Hanko has begun a new series on the church’s struggle with false teachers. These articles appear in the rubric, “Marking Zion’s Bulwarks.”

The Rev. David Higgs, minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia (EPC), responded quickly to our request that he write, informing our readers about the EPC. Two of his articles have already appeared. The concluding installment appears in this issue. We are grateful to Rev. Higgs for his readiness to write for our magazine. We hope that his articles are helpful to promote contact between the Protestant Reformed Churches and the EPC.

We have received assurances from others in foreign lands that they will submit articles on their churches or on the state of the Reformed faith in those countries.

The next issue of the SB—October 15—will be our special, Reformation issue. This time the special issue will be devoted to the Dutch reformer of the 19th century, Abraham Kuyper. We chose the life and work of Kuyper as our subject in part because of the current commemoration of the 100th anniversary of his famed (or infamous) Stone Lectures at Princeton University. These have been published as Lectures on Calvinism. But there was more to Kuyper than these lectures.

With the issue that you have in your hands, we begin volume 75 of the SB. Volume 75! One has informed us that the SB is now the second oldest Reformed periodical in North America. A significant distinction! By the grace of God, the magazine still faithfully and unashamedly sets forth and defends the historic, creedal Reformed faith and life, as it did in that first issue of October, 1924.

Let us persevere.