Editorially Speaking

At its annual meeting in June, the staff of the Standard Bearer reappointed the men now serving to the offices of the editorial staff. The exception was the appointment of Professor Herman Hanko as general adjunct.

Changes in the content of the magazine for the next volume year, which begins with this issue, include the following. Rev. Barrett Gritters returns as a writer, co-editing “Strength of Youth” with Rev. Steven Key. A new rubric, “Come, Lord Jesus,” will appear in six issues. It will treat contemporary events, exclusive of ecclesiastical events, as signs of Christ’s coming. The writer will be Rev. Gise VanBaren, who also has written for the SB in the past.

Rev. George C. Lubbers has agreed to write the guides for the study of Scripture. These will be studies of I Timothy. Author of commentaries on Galatians (Freeborn Sons of Sarah) and on Hebrews (The Glory of the True Tabernacle), Rev. Lubbers is presently working on a commentary on I Timothy. Societies and individual members alike will profit from Rev. Lubbers’ exegetical gifts. We encourage the Bible study groups in our fellowship to consider making I Timothy the object of their study this season.

The other rubrics and writers will be the same as in the previous volume.

We thank our returning contributors and welcome back the two newcomers to Volume 69.

Some of the rubrics will appear more often than before. We have requested guest articles by various ministers and periodic reports by synodical committees. Contributions from our readers will be considered for publication. Plans are being made for special issues that we hope will be of interest to our readers. The next issue will be our annual special issue in observance of the Reformation. The theme is “The Reformation and Freedom.”

As for one of the more popular of our columns – “Letters” -this is strictly up to our readers, as is the column, “The Reader Asks,” which ran very infrequently the past year.

The support of our subscribers is invaluable: mainly reading faithfully what we write.

The blessing of God is essential. May He qualify and encourage all who co-operate to produce the magazine, and may He continue to use the SB for the defense and promotion of the Reformed faith and life at home and to the world’s end.