Editorially Speaking

This is the second of our special issues in the current volume. You will find it to be different from some of our earlier special issues, which have been of an informative and reportorial nature. This issue is devoted entirely—with the exception of the back-page news column—to one doctrine, the doctrine of the church. This does not mean that it is a complete treatment of the doctrine of the church in all its aspects: for it is not, and does not intend to be that. Such an undertaking would require far more space than one issue of our Standard Bearer; and, in fact, due to the length of some of the contributions, we have not even been able to carry in this issue all that we first planned.

Why, you ask, did we choose this doctrine? We did so, first of all, because we believe there is no little degree of ignorance concerning this subject; and we want to contribute toward correcting that ignorance. We did so, secondly, because there are several practical problems—and temptations—with respect to our faith concerning the holy catholic church; and God’s people should be equipped to face these problems and should be ready to give an answer also to others with respect to various aberrations which are becoming increasingly common today. This is one of the reasons why we have included such things as a treatment of the marks of the church, the electronic church, and para-church organizations. 

We express a word of thanks to all those who contributed to this special issue.

Time and space did not permit the inclusion of news and information about the institution of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore. Watch our March 15 issue for some special articles about this. We plan to carry the Resolution of Membership, a History of the GLTS (now the ERCS), and an eyewitness report from Elder Dewey Engelsma.