New Volume

With this issue we begin our sixtieth volume. We do so with thankfulness to God that He has given us the privilege, the strength, and the means to publish all these years in the interest of the goodly heritage which He has given us. The beginning of a new volume also implies some changes. As far as the Staff is concerned, departing from the ranks of our regular contributors are the Revs. W. Bruinsma, D. Engelsma, R. Flikkema, K. Koole, and R. Miersma. Added to our ranks are the Revs. Ronald Hanko, who will be co-responsible, with Rev. A. den Hartog, for In His Fear, and Rev. Thomas Miersma, who will write for a new department in the area of the history of doctrine. The name of the new rubric will be Guided Into All Truth. A new and capable writer and a fresh approach should make for an interesting new department. Watch for it! For the time being, at least, Revs. C. Hanko and H. Veldman will take care of our Meditation department, with the proviso that Rev. M. Schipper may return to this department any time he feels up to it. For the rest, all departments and contributors remain the same. We are also planning three special issues for the coming volume-year. The first will be December 1, when the subject will be the last of the Five Points of Calvinism. Later—in March and August, D.V.—there will be special issues on the Covenant and the Covenant Home and Family and on Preaching. We are gratified at reader-response to our special issues. Meanwhile, we ask of you, our readers certain things. The first is, naturally, read what we write. The second is: continue to support and to promote our magazine. In connection with the latter, do not fail to promote the Standard Bearer nearest home, i.e., in your own family. Don’t let edifying reading become a lost art in your homes!

Seminary Convocation

In this issue you will find a transcript of Prof. R. Decker’s significant convocation address. If you were unable to attend seminary convocation, you can to a degree live along with the seminary by reading his address. This means, of course, that we have begun a new term on seminary hill. Three of our seminary students, Messrs. R. Dykstra, S. Key, and C. Terpstra, returned to us and are beginning the second year of their 4-year program. We have one new pre-seminary student, Mitchell Dick. We welcomed another student from the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore, Jaikishin Mahtani. And this year we have four students who are from the Free Reformed Church of North America, Mssrs. Gerald Hamstra, John Schuit, Hans Overduin, and Richard Basala. Remember our seminary in your prayers!

Due to an abundance of copy, some of it crying for publication, your editor will limit his contribution this time to these notes.