Be sure to take note of the New Zealand Newsletter from the pen of brother Arie van Echten, of Palmerston North. This will give you an opportunity to become acquainted with the brothers and sisters among whom and in behalf of whom the Rev. John A. Heys has been laboring. If you have a map of New Zealand available, it will be helpful to consult that map, to understand the North Island area in which the Rev. Heys is laboring. Places like Wellington, Otaki, and Palmerston North are all in the southern part of North Island.

Since I last mentioned this, we have received a couple more good-sized gifts toward the publication of the R.F.P.A.’s Bible story book. We are still far from the goal of sufficient funds to proceed, however; and more gifts, your gifts, are very, very welcome. Write to: RFPA Publications Committee, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501. 

If some of our readers are wondering why some departments seldom appear on our magazine, the answer is that your editor cannot very well publish what he does not receive. Some of our department editors are very faithful about fulfilling their obligation to write and are even ahead of schedule; others fail to live up to their pledge to write even after repeated urgings from the editor. Sometimes an editor feels like publishing blank pages with the notation, “This space should have been filled by Rev. N.” But that would be a waste of space and very un-edifying.

After the first of these notes was written, today’s mail brought from the Rev. J. Heys a photo of the brethren of the New Zealand Prot. Ref. Fellowship. Now you can meet the brethren in picture as well as in words.