Changes. This issue is the first of Volume 62. As we indicated in our previous issue, there will be several changes introduced. Here they are: 1) Rev. James Slopsema will alternate with Rev. Cornelius Hanko in our Meditation department. 2) Prof. Herman Hanko will be in charge of a new department, Walking In The Light, dealing with contemporary ethical issues; this department will appear after the final installment of My Sheep Hear My Voice. 3) Prof. Robert Decker will be in charge of AU Around Us, replacing Rev. G. Van Baren. 4) Rev. Van Baren will introduce a new department, Good Morning, Alice. 5) Rev. Ronald Hanko will share Taking Heed To The Doctrine with Rev. Herman Veldman, but will no longer write for In His Fear. 6) We welcome to our staff the Rev. Barry Gritters, who will share In His Fear with Rev. A. den Hartog. Again this volume-year we hope to present three special issues. The first is planned for December 1, and the theme will be the Antithesis.

Question Box. Our Question Box has been empty for a long time. And though our Question Box editor, Rev. C. Hanko, does considerable traveling about our country, he is still ready to answer your questions. In view of his travels, it is probably better to send your questions to me for forwarding to him.

New Publication. For a long time Ursinus’sCommentary on the Heidelberg Catechism has been unavailable, except in hard-to-get used copies. Recently, through the urging of the Eureka Classis, Reformed Church in the U.S. (German Reformed Church), Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company has published a reprint. This a very nicely done, hard-cover volume. The usual price is $20. Reformed Book Outlet is making it available for $13.95 (plus $1.40 for mail orders). Their address is: 3505 Kelly, Hudsonville, MI 49426. Presbyterian and Reformed and Eureka Classis are to be congratulated on this reprint.

Book Requests. Now and then I get requests for various hard-to-get books and brochures from the early history of our Protestant Reformed Churches. Below is a partial list of some of the books recently requested. If you have a copy of any of these which you can spare, please send it to me, care of the Seminary: 4949 Ivanrest Ave., SW, Grandville, MI 49418. Here is the list:

—H. Hoeksema, The Protestant Reformed Churches in America

—H. Danhof & H. Hoeksema, Van Zonde en Genade

—H. Hoeksema, God’s Goodness Always Particular

—H. Hoeksema, Calvin, Berkhof, and H. J. Kuiper