The Presbyterian Reformer. This is the name of a new quarterly magazine being published by our sister church in Northern Ireland, the Bible Presbyterian Church of Larne. The magazine is, of course, published primarily for home consumption in Northern Ireland and other parts of the U.K. In an introductory note it states: “It is a humble contribution to the written ministry of the church with the intent of reviving and sustaining a healthy interest in Biblical Presbyterianism. The objective is to educate, inform, encourage and inspire those of the Lord’s people who truly seek to conform in all their ways to the Word of God,” The magazine is distributed free. How can you obtain a copy and subscribe? The Contact Committee, I have been informed, is sending a supply to every Protestant Reformed congregation and is arranging for an agent in each congregation to be in charge of distribution and subscriptions. This is a good means to become better acquainted with our sister church.

Origins. This is the name of a very interesting magazine which is published twice yearly by the Archives department of Calvin College Library. As the name suggests, it deals with the early history of our mother church, the Christian Reformed Church. In the various issues which I have read (and we subscribe at the seminary), there have been many first-person accounts concerning the early days of the establishment of the CRC both in the U.S. and Canada, going way back to colonial times. From this point of view, of course, the magazine is concerned with our early origins, too. Mr. Herbert J. Brinks, Curator of Archives at Calvin’s Heritage Hall, has informed me that he will honor requests fromStandard Bearer subscribers with a complimentary issue of this historical journal. If you are interested in such a sample, write to: Origins, Heritage Hall, Calvin College and Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI 49506. Mention that you are a Standard Bearer subscriber.

About Anonymous Letters. From time to time one who is an editor or occupies some other public position, receives unsigned mail. Be it known to all and sundry that my personal policy with respect to all my mail is that I first look for a signature. If letters or cards are not signed, they are consigned without being read to the wastebasket. Reason? If they are not signed, they are not worth reading.