Publication News 

Word has been received that the RFPA’s new Bible story book, Come, Ye Children, will become available sometime in April. There will be further details about this later, both in the Standard Bearer and in a flyer which the committee will be distributing. But I can inform you now that there is going to be a very attractive pre-publication sale of this book which you will not want to miss. And the prepublication price will be even more attractive for RFPA Book Club members. There will be ample time for you to participate in this sale, because the cut off date will be June 1. Watch for all the details in our next issue!

About This Issue 

You will notice that some of the regular departments do not appear in this issue. This is due to the fact that we had some correspondence on hand which needed answering. Besides, we wanted to place the news and pictures from Singapore. Some of this material has been waiting for a month already, due to the fact that our March 1 issue was a special issue.