Mistaken Identity. Just in case you wondered, the editorial in the March 1 issue was from the editor’s pen, not from Prof. Hanko’s. If I believed there was such a thing as gremlins, I would say that after the copy left my office, the gremlins worked on it and mischievously promoted Prof. Hanko to the editorship and at the same time made him a plagiarist.

Scholarship Applications. This note is somewhat complementary to my editorial in this issue. Our Young People’s Federation and its Federation Board maintain a scholarship fund to assist prospective Protestant Reformed teachers and ministers who are attending or planning to attend college. From the Federation Board I received the following announcement: “The Scholarship Fund Committee is taking applications for future teachers/ministers for the 1986-87 school year. If you are interested, please contact Mike Rau, 4165 Jenison St., Grandville, MI 49418, for application forms. An essay of 300 or more words is also required on the topic, “The Protestant Reformed minister/teacher’s calling to set forth the antithesis in preaching and teaching.” Deadline for applications to be received is June 1, 1986.”

RBO News. The Reformed Book Outlet, the bookstore project emanating from our Hudsonville, Michigan congregation, will be celebrating its first anniversary this month. From the management I have gleaned a few items of interest. 1) It has been more successful than expected in promoting Reformed literature, including our own RFPA publications. Some $18,000 worth of business was transacted in its first year. Throughout the past year the personnel (volunteer clerks) have experienced that the RBO is a consistent witness to the Reformed truth. Frequently customers have remarked that they can depend on finding Biblical and Reformed books on RBO’s shelves. 2) In March RBO expanded into mail-order business on a large scale, with a mailing throughout our Protestant Reformed denomination. If any of our readers desires to get on the mailing list for RBO’s catalogues, write to: Reformed Book Outlet, 3505 Kelly, Hudsonville, MI 49426. 3) From April 15-30 there will be a First Anniversary Sale, with all books at reduced prices and all RFPA books at 35% off.