No Editorial. To make room for some long overdue book reviews, editorials are omitted in this issue.

No Gremlin. As you may have noticed in the April 1 issue, an editor may have frustrations. In the very issue in which I hoped to have corrected, by means of a note, the mistaken impression that Prof. Hanko was the author of my editorials, the same mistake was made again. Let me assure you that Prof. Hanko is not the editor and is not responsible for the editorial in the April 1 issue. What is that “law” to the effect that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong? At any rate, I found out that there is no gremlin involved; the problem was apparently with our typesetting service, Commercial Printing. Perhaps I should quote a certain well-known Dutch proverb about an ezel, but I shall refrain. Meanwhile, I am waiting with bated breath for the April 15 issue.

New Book. The Men’s Society of our Hudsonville Prot. Ref. Church has recently published a third volume of meditations by their former pastor, the late Rev. Gerrit Vos. This one bears the title, The More Glorious Covenant. Congratulations! This volume is available from Hudsonville’s Reformed Book Outlet (see announcement elsewhere in this issue).

Memo To Synod of 1986. Synod should take care of a housekeeping chore before it becomes too late. Our new edition of the Church Order was intentionally printed in loose-leaf form so that changes could be readily made without reprinting the entire book. By this time there is a rather large number of significant changes which ought to be made. Some of these are due to mistakes and omissions in the original printing; some are due to changes made by synods since the book went to press. These should be tabulated, and loose-leaf pages should be printed and distributed so that the book may be kept up to date. Some individual or committee should be made responsible to tend to this chore on a regular basis. Otherwise the entire purpose of producing a loose-leaf edition will be frustrated.