Editorials will be omitted in this issue, in order to make room for other departments which have been waiting for publication and which were crowded out when editorials and correspondence in some recent issues took more than their quota of space.

Publication News. You are reminded that the deadline for the pre-publication sale of Come, Ye Children, the RFPA’s new Bible story book, is June 1. Until that date, anyone can obtain a copy for $19.95 (plus postage of $1.55) prepaid; and RFPA Book Club members can take an additional discount and obtain the book for $15.95 plus postage. After that date, the regular price will be $22.95, and Book Club members who have not ordered will automatically receive the book at the usual 20% discount and be billed. 

New Edition of the Church Order. The new edition of our Church Order (in a loose-leaf format) is in the last stages of preparation. This is not an RFPA publication, but is being prepared for our churches by the RFPA Publications Committee. Watch for further announcements.

Anniversary Observance. This is the 60th Anniversary Year of our Standard Bearer. The Board of the Reformed Free Publishing Association is making plans for a public celebration of this anniversary during the month of September, D.V. Watch for further announcements.