Editorially Speaking

This issue of our magazine will be reaching you a bit later than usual. It was delayed in order to bring you, as soon as possible, a report on Synod of 1986 and on Seminary Graduation. To make room for the special items, some of the usual departments have been omitted. Our August issue will be a special theme issue.

When you go on vacation this summer, don’t take a vacation from your family devotions!

Here are a couple new addresses for those who correspond with our Singaporean friends:

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mahtani,

#12 – 10, River Valley Close,

Singapore 0923,

Republic of Singapore

Pastor and Mrs. Lau Chin Kwee,

Blk. 240, Serangoon Ave. 2, #11 – 61,

Singapore 1955,

Republic of Singapore