Editorially Speaking


Our business Manager informs me that all copies of the bound volume of last year (Volume 57) have been distributed as of this date. This volume was very later, due to problems at the bindery. Moreover, our business office received the bound volumes a few at a time. Mr. Vander Wal is a bit concerned that some of our regular subscribers to bound volumes may have been overlooked, due to the confusion. If you have not yet received your copy, please write to our Business Office immediately. We also have a few surplus copies, available at $12.00 each, plus postage.


Effective immediately (or earlier), be sure to send church bulletins and other church news to our new Church News Editor, Mr. David Harbach, 4930 Ivanrest Ave. (Apt. B), Grandville, Michigan 49418. Mr. Harbach will be taking over our news department at the beginning of our new volume-year, October 1. Thanks to Mr. C. Kalsbeek, our retiring news editor! Other staff changes will be announced in our next issue.


The annual index—thanks to Mr. Don Doezema—appears in this, the final issue of Volume 58. For those interested in the proposed master-index to the entire Standard Bearer, I have no specific news at this moment. At last report, I was informed that the work is still proceeding and the index is still forthcoming. Patience! It’s a monumental task!


From time to time both our editorial office and our business office receive some interesting mail about either our RFPA books or ourStandard Bearer. Let me share a few excerpts from recent letters.

—From Rochester, Minnesota: “I am interested in learning what publications you have available. Do you publish a catalogue? Do you publish only books, or are there other things (e.g. pamphlets, magazines, etc.)? I have profited from Herman Hoeksema’s Reformed Dogmatics and now Gertrude Hoeksema’s Peaceable Fruit. —Thus my interest in your publications.”

—From Southampton, England: “Thank you for sending me such an interesting parcel of literature. I enclose $3.00 in payment, together with your Invoice. . . .”

—From Hong Kong: “I should be most pleased if I might purchase from you a copy of the book: Homer Hoeksema, The Voice of Our Fathers. I saw this mentioned in ‘Christianity Today.’ I am particularly interested in Reformed theology, especially the doctrines relating to the covenant of grace. Please would you let me know the cost of this book plus postage. . . . I should also be grateful if you would also enclose a catalogue of all your publications, which I suspect may include some of interest to me.”