Your editor is taking a vacation in this issue. That gives him a break, and it also makes room for some copy which has been waiting to be published.

This is the last issue of Volume 61. You will find the annual index in this issue. All of which reminds me that we are still waiting for the projected master index of all the volumes, going back to Volume 1. When is it coming, brethren?

There will be some significant changes in Volume 62. These will be announced in the October 1 issue. But these changes will also involve an end for some departments and their writers. The last meditation from the pen of Rev. Herman Veldman appears in this issue. The Rev. Veldman has been writing for our magazine for many years, and he has always been a willing and dependable contributor. We take this opportunity to thank him for his labors. I may add that he will continue to share the departmentTaking Heed To The Doctrine. The Rev. Van Baren contributes his last article for All Around Us in this issue; he will have a new department in Vol. 62. Prof. Decker has made his last contribution to The Lord Gave The Word, and this department will be replaced. And Prof. Hanko will soon conclude hisMy Sheep Hear My Voice and will then have a new department. Yes, I’m holding out on you; watch the next issue for the new departments.