Much of this issue is taken up with the recent synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches. The synod met from June 10 through June 17 in Hudsonville, MI. The meditation is the text of the pre-synodical sermon the evening of June 9 by Rev. James Slopsema, president of last year’s synod. The editorial reports some of the major decisions of the synod. A feature article gives the first part of the address at the commencement exercises of two graduates of the Protestant Reformed Seminary. These exercises were held during the week that synod met and were attended by the synod in a body. The pictures are the photographic work of Don Doezema, who among his other duties at synod as Stated Clerk of the denomination is always on the prowl for the revealing shot.

There is much about synod, however, that these words and pictures do not—cannot—capture. The large audiences at both the pre-synodical worship service and the commencement exercises. The warm camaraderie among ministers and elders, who are one in the faith and labor of the Lord Jesus. The occasional humorous remark, sometimes intended, sometimes not (yes, Virginia, once in a while Protestant Reformed synods laugh, in session). The elder from George-town broke the house up by asking with some asperity whether the august assembly believed in efficiency. The superb catering of the women of Hudsonville, ably aided this year by Don VanOverloop. You had to have been there. Many were, especially during the oral examination of one of the graduates of the seminary.

Synod, assembly of all the churches in the name and Spirit of the Lord Jesus—showing, promoting, and enjoying the unity of the church, if not always her efficiency.