With this issue, we begin volume 78 of the Standard Bearer. Seventy-seven consecutive years of publishing this magazine, first as a monthly and soon thereafter as a semi-monthly, are history. Did the group that gathered in the parsonage of Herman Hoeksema on the evening of April 8, 1924, to plan what would appear as the Standard Bearer in October of that year, foresee the long and influential future that God would give this magazine in the midst of His Reformed Zion?

Readers are advised that complete sets of the bound volumes of the SB are hard to come by. But they are desired especially by seminarians. If anyone has, or knows of, a complete set that is available, for sale or otherwise, inform the editor. Loose copies of the magazine dated before 1965 are also rare and, therefore, valuable. Turn these in to the business office of the SB.

The content of all past volumes of the SB are available on a set of CDs. This set of three CDs can be purchased from the business office.

Those who prefer to receive each issue of the SB on cassette tape, rather than in printed form, can subscribe to this service by writing Southeast Protestant Reformed Church, 1535 Cambridge Ave., SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506. The reader is Mr. Ken Rietema, who does the reading as a service to those who cannot read, or who read only with difficulty.

College students who live away from home can receive the SB regularly as a gift from the publisher. They should send their request to the business office. They should include their college address.

The September 15 issue of this magazine included an index, by subject and title, of all of the articles in Volume 77. A hearty thanks to Mrs. Judi Doezema for producing this very useful research tool.

At its annual meeting this past June, the staff of the SB reappointed the editor and managing editor. There will be new writers and rubrics in the coming volume-year. Rev. Ken Koole will write for “All Around Us” with Rev. Gise VanBaren. Rev. Richard Smit will join Rev. Arie denHartog and Rev. Daniel Kleyn in the rubric “In His Fear.” Mr. Gary Lanning and Mr. Joel Minderhoud, both of whom are science teachers at Covenant Christian High School in Walker, MI, will cooperate with Rev. James Laning in writing “All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee.” The SB intends to reprint articles by Prof. George M. Ophoff on the Old Testament that appeared in early issues of the magazine. Mr. Don Doezema will select and edit these articles. The rubric will be called “Day of Shadows.” Mr. Cal Kalsbeek, a teacher of church history at Covenant, will contribute regularly to a column called “Understanding the Times.” These articles will comment on current events in our own and other nations in light of biblical teaching on the signs of the times. And the editor of the SB will develop the Reformed doctrine of the last things in a rubric headed “The Things That Must Shortly Come to Pass.”

In addition, we intend to publish John Hendrik DeVries’ translation of Abraham Kuyper’s book on Reformed family-life in installments. Chapters from this book will complement the articles by Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, Mrs. MaryBeth Lubbers, and Mrs. Connie Meyer in the rubric that was named after the title of Kuyper’s book, “When Thou Sittest in Thine House.” The English translation of Kuyper’s book was sub-titled Meditations on Home-Life.

We think that these additions, with the continuing writers and rubrics, will make for an interesting, edifying Reformed magazine.

In dead earnest we again ask all our readers to help in spreading the witness of the SB more widely by giving a copy of the magazine to a relative, friend, or acquaintance, or by giving a gift subscription to them. It is better to light a small candle, by distributing the SB as widely as possible, than to curse the darkness of the triviality, corruption, and falsity of much of the media today.

The next issue of the SB (Oct. 15) will be our annual commemoration of the sixteenth century Reformation of the church. It will feature the greatest of the Reformers himself, Martin Luther. Look for this special issue.

This issue contains a report and pictures of the beginning of a new Protestant Reformed high school in the suburbs south of Chicago, Heritage Christian High School. The editorial is the first part of the speech given on the occasion of the opening and dedication of the new high school. The conclusion of the printed text of the address will appear in the November 1 issue of the SB, since the next issue will be the special, Reformation issue. The content of the speech applies to work on behalf of good Christian schools everywhere and is timely in that the schools have recently begun another season of instruction. Heritage Christian High School is presently located in rented facilities in South Holland, IL, near the Protestant Reformed Church in that village. Many of our readers will have a lively interest in this development of the Protestant Reformed Christian school movement and will want to support it by their prayers and gifts.

May God continue to bless the SB as a faithful, forthright testimony to, and a spirited, courageous defense of, the Reformed faith and life at the beginning of the twenty-first century, anno Domini.