Editorially Speaking

End of Volume 59

With this issue we have come to the end of Volume 59. The annual index will be found in this issue, thanks to my editorial assistant, Mr. D. Doezema. That reminds me: on October 1 the Standard Bearer celebrates its sixtieth birthday!


“Open Letter

In this issue you will find a rather lengthy contribution entitled “Open Letter.'” It concerns the movement for Reformed higher education. Personally, I am glad to note that they are increasingly “going public,” as I suggested some time ago. Be sure to read their informative letter.


Publication News

It begins to look very much as though the RFPA Publications Committee will go to press with Gertrude Hoeksema’s Bible story book early this fall. Although it is highly improbable that the book will be ready before Christmas, we will strive mightily to achieve that goal.