Editorially Speaking

NEW VOLUME-YEAR. This issue begins a new volume, No. 59. This also means a few changes. As already mentioned in the previous issue, Mr. David Harbach is taking over as news editor from Mr. Calvin Kalsbeek. In addition there are the following changes: 1) The Rev. H. Veldman will take over the departmentTaking Heed To The Doctrine from the Rev. D. Engelsma. 2) The Rev. J. Slopsema will take overFaith Of Our Fathers from the Rev. R. Van Overloop. 3) The Rev. R. Cammenga will join the Rev. R. Miersma in taking care of the rubric The Strength Of Youth. We express our thanks to the retiring Staff members for their contributions, and we welcome our new writers to the ranks.

SPECIAL ISSUES. Because our special issues have been so well received, the Staff decided to have three such issues again during the volume-year. And because the special issue on Predestination was especially well received, we have decided to continue on that path and to present a special issue on each of the so-called Five Points of Calvinism. We hope our readers will enjoy these.

SEMINARY CONVOCATION. It has become customary to open our fall seminary convocation to the public, so that our people in the Grand Rapids area may join us in beginning the new seminary term. This year the convocation program was at our Faith Church in Jenison, and a goodly audience joined the faculty, students, and Theological School, Committee for the occasion. It was your editor’s turn to speak this year, and a transcript of his address appears in this issue.