Editorially Speaking

Special Issue 

For the most part, you will not find the usual departments in this issue of our magazine. This is a special issue, designed to acquaint our readers with our Theological School and its activities. We hope the contents of this issue will indeed serve to acquaint you, near and far, a little more fully with our school. By the way, visitors are welcome at the school. This holds true both for visitors from the Grand Rapids area and for visitors from our outlying churches. 

Write Our Missionaries 

As some of you (who wrote) have learned, Rev. and Mrs. den Hartog were overjoyed at the large number of letters they received recently. Let’s keep it up. And while we’re at it, let’s include our home missionaries on the mailing list. I am sure that Rev. and Mrs. R. Van Overloop in Birmingham, Alabama and Rev. and Mrs. S. Houck in East Lansing, Michigan will not spurn your letters. You can find all the addresses in the Yearbook, found in the back section of the 1980 Acts of Synod. 

Join The RFPA Book Club We remind you again that the next RFPA publication, The Voice Of Our Fathers, will go to RFPA Book Club members at a special first-time-only discount of 30% off the regular price of $18.95. But you must join the Book Clubbefore the book gets on the market. Hurry!