Editorially Speaking

Special Issue. The December 1 issue will be the first of our special issues in the current volumeyear. It will be devoted to a description of our publishing efforts—The Standard Bearer, our RFPA Publications and others—complete with pictures. Watch for it!

New Publications. We have received word that our newest RFPA publication, Prof. H. Hanko’s We and Our Children (The Reformed Doctrine of Infant Baptism), will be out this month. I have seen a preview of this book, and it is one of our most attractive paperbacks, both in appearance and in content. The regular price of this book will be $3.95. We have also been promised that our paperback reprint of Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s In The Sanctuary (Expository Sermons on the Lord’s Prayer) will be ready and available before Christmas. This was the very first of Rev. Hoeksema’s works which was published originally by the Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. in the 1940s. It has long been out of print, and it is well worth obtaining. The contents are not just a repetition of the material found in The Triple Knowledge, but this little book is full of practical, spiritual instruction. The price of this book is also $3.95.

Book Club Reminder. For the umpteenth time I remind you that if you are an RFPA Book Club member, you can obtain all our books at 20% discount and without the bother of specially ordering them; they will come to you automatically. How do you become a member? You must be a Standard Bearer subscriber, and you must agree to accept every new publication at the special Book Club discount. Write to: RFPA Publications Committee, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.